Saturday, 23 May 2015

How To Trade Forex: Tips for Beginners

how to trade forex

If you want to learn forex , you must read this page very closely ;) before you trade forex using real money! you need to understand how it works! cause by doing that, you help your self and will not lose to much money! to be honest with you, learn for is not that hard, as long you understand the basic everything will go just fine ;) what is basic forex to learn ? if you ask . well basic in forex is like Forex terminology, Market analysis, Forex money management, Risk Management, strategy , Forex Platform and etc.

The most important things what newbie to learn is, forex term! there is so many term in forex! and you need to understand by memorize one by one! but not all of them for sure :P just remember the most important term! for example, pips, Leverage, swap, Pair, Stop loss, Dovish, hawkish, bearish, bullish, hedging, cary trade, and many more! 

To be honest with you when I first time I learn forex, I also having hard times to understand! and as time goes by, and learn step by step! everything will go smoothly! of course there is tips to make beginner learn forex more fast by using creative ways ;) hehehe! bellow are a few tips how learn forex fast and easy for beginners :)

  • I assume you don't understand about forex at all! not a single thing, am I right ? well,,, maybe EUR/USD pair you already heard about that somewhere :D hehehe! the best thing to make people learn something more fast and easy is by giving them rewards and fun :) I.e Competition! Did you know there's so many forex forum and broker Company that held forex competitions and championship? well, why don't you take a part into that event !  most of times it's free, it will not cost you anything ;) and good news is, if you won and get 3rd place or maybe 1st place, you get the prize, about 1k to 5000 usd! I am sure you'll doubt about yourself! :) of course I already know about that! even my self that already trade forex for so many years, never won a single championship at all! :P Me taking part in forex event is not to won! but to push my ability and how far I can push my skill! and the most important is, I can learn from other traders ! and best part is fun! when we do something that we like, without risk, and get big rewards! most of times, we will learn almost everything naturally! no one to tell you about how to memorize hundreds or even thousand forex terminology, but you just know it, if you don't learn that 5hit! you'll never get that 5000 usd ;) in a nutshell competition are very important to up grade our skill!
  • Use demo account! some people , even me! think , trade forex using demo account  is just BS! :) lying to yourself and etc. but from my experiences if I can go back to past! I will not think even once, for not using Demo account! :) you can imagine how big I lose in this industry ;)! simple because of smart A55 attitude! and one more tips! don't be smart As5 in this industry! cause shit happen all the times! ;) thank me later. Did you know some people using demo account for about 2 years to test their skill or strategy? by using demo account , we can knowing how far and how good we are analyze and read market! if we can make decent and consistent profit in demo acc, it mean we already knows about something! maybe you just need 1 or 2 more experiences how to handle the pressure! trading forex using real money for sure can make you nervous! but after you trade so many times, you'll forget about that! though you can't disappear your fears! and that's very normal! even my self until now always scared if I have to lose money! the idea using demo is to find a way or strategy to make consistent profit! it can be anything! strategy, discipline, skill and etc. but the goals is you need a way to make consistent profit from market! 
  • Risk management and money management! this is important! since nobody can predict exactly what happen with markets, so you best bet for not losing money is by using stop loss! and also try not to trade all of your money in single trade! I.e money management! you can use a mini lot, e.g 010 lot, 0.20. or maybe 0.25 ! but the idea is not to bet all of your money in single trade! cause almost impossible for us to make huge profit on one trade! even central bank not so sure about what they doing,  ;) 

at this moment I only can give this 3 tips, who knows I can give another tips how to learn forex :) just bookmark my pages ok! :D hehehe

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